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Essential Oils

Essential oils are the pure essence of the plant and can provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly. Essential oils can be used on their own for aromatherapy or with complementary natural ingredients, such as vegetable or carrier oils.

Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. Be sure to read the label before using oils topically, as some oils must be first diluted with a carrier oil.

Allspice Berry Citronella Lemon Pine
Amyris Clary Sage Lemon Eucalyptus Rose Absolute
Anise Clove Bud Lemongrass Rose Otto
Basil Coriander Seed Lime Rosemary
Bay Cypress Marjoram, Sweet Rosewood
Bergamot Eucalyptus Marjoram, Wild Sandalwood
Camphor Fennel Myrrh Spearmint
Cardamom Seed Frankincense Myrtle Spruce
Carrot Seed Geranium Bourbon Neroli Tangerine
Cassia Bark Ginger Nutmeg Tea Tree
Cedar Grapefruit Orange, Mandarin Thyme, Red
Cedarwood Hyssop Orange, Sweet Thyme, White
Chamomile, German Jasmine Absolute Oregano Vanilla
Chamomile, Roman Juniper Berry Palmarosa Vetiver
Chamomile, Wild Lavandin Patchouli Wintergreen
Cinnamon Bark Lavender Peppermint Ylang Ylang Extra
Cinnamon Leaf Lavender Spike Peru Balsam

Key areas for topical application are:

* Crown of head
* Temples
* Behind ears
* Neck
* Upper back
* Abdomen
* Over vital organs
* Soles and tops of feet
* Ankles

Steps for topical application are:

1. Place 23 drops of oil in the palm of your hand or directly on the desired area.
2. If placing oil in your hand, rub palms together in a circular motion and then massage oil onto the desired point of application. If applying directly to the desired area, massage the oil into your skin using a circular motion. Repeat as desired.

Note: Essential oils are very potent and some may be irritating to the skin. If irritation occurs, immediately apply a carrier oil or pure vegetable oil to the area to dilute.

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