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Hair Treatment

Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful does not have to cost a fortune. In fact, with just a few common household ingredients, you can give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment, give yourself subtle highlights or prevent dandruff.

In order to maintain the health and beauty of your hair, it is important to keep hair properly conditioned and hydrated. While there are a large number of treatments available for purchase at drugstores and salons, many hair masks and moisture treatments can be made inexpensively at home. These mixtures provide a more natural means of taking care of your hair.

To begin with you need to understand the present condition of your hair. Extremely dry hair tends to absorb more moisture, but your individual results may vary greatly. Before trying a mask, apply a small amount of the mixture to a test strand in order to determine if the treatment is right for your hair.


For Dandruff

*** Apply a mixture of almond oil and gooseberry juice with finger tips on the scalp.
*** Apply the warm mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and coconut oil. Do a steam -towel- wrap for 15 minutes and wash the hair with a shampoo.
*** Crush the leaves of five petal hibiscus flower and take the juice. Wash the hair with this juice.
*** Heat the oil with a little camphor. Apply the oil in the scalp and massage for 10 minutes. After 30 minutes wash the hair with a herbal shampoo. Do the steam -towel- wrap for 15 minutes.

For Healthy and Shiny hair

*** It is better to apply castor oil for a healthy growth of hair.
*** Wash hair with tea once in a week.
*** Apply besan in the hair and wash it with water drained from the cooked rice.
*** Soak a handful of gooseberry in a cup of milk for two hours. Make it as a paste and apply in the hair.
*** Mix a little vinegar in warm water and rinse your hair with this solution. This will add bounce to dull and lifeless hair.
*** Soak 1 teaspoon fenugreek in curd and keep it for a night. Have it in the next morning.

For Graying

*** Take a little Mehandi , an egg, juice of half a lemon, one table spoon of instant coffee powder. Mix it together and apply on the hair. Wash it after 45 minutes.
*** Boil one cup of dried gooseberry with 4 cups of water. Add a pinch of sugar in it. Keep boiling till the quantity of the liquid reduces to one cup. Mix 2 cups of Mehendi, an egg, juice of a lemon and the gooseberry solution and apply on hair. Wash the hair after two hours.

Deep Conditioning Masque

This moisturizing treatment revitalizes hair, leaving it soft and full, strengthening strands and reducing split ends.

1 small jar of full-fat mayonnaise
1/2 of a ripe or over-ripe avocado

Mash avocado with the back of a wooden spoon until soft and creamy. Mix mayonnaise into avocado until well-blended, and one color throughout. Work with fingers through hair, paying special attention to the ends. Cover head with warm, damp towel for deep conditioning, or put on shower cap. Leave for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Dry Hair Conditioning Mask

1/4 cup of olive oil
1 egg

Mix together and apply. Cover with plastic wrap or shower cap and then a warmed towel. Leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Shampoo as usual.

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