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Homemade Hair Conditioners

Everyone craves for shiny and beautiful hair. But to have one, you need to take care of your hairs regularly. One of the best and most effective methods to keep your hair is scalp massage that not only makes the hair grow but also prevents many hair troubles. Use finger tips to massage your scalp for at least five minutes a day. And when it comes to hair care, conditioners play significant role in protecting your hair from drying out and allowing for easier combing apart from giving it a glossy and lustrous look.

Homemade conditioners are usually only a few steps away in your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. Not only will making your own conditioner save you money, you can make exactly what your hair needs at the time. Most of the following recipes contain ingredients that will need to be refrigerated if not used immediately.

Avocado hair conditioner

*** Take one cup of avocado paste
*** Egg yolk of two egg

Beat the egg and mix avocado to get the mixture. Apply for half an hour and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Hair conditioning is important part of hair care. It helps hair to be smooth and manageable. Hair conditioners fill the gap between cuticles layers as rugged cuticles form tangles in hair. Conditioners remove tangles from hair and protect hair from breaking. Conditioners also make hair shine as it form a protective layer around the cuticle. It forces the cuticles to lie flat and light gets reflected from this flat surface.

After shampooing, conditioning is must to restore the moisture of hair. Dry hair and dry scalp specially need a nourishing conditioner. You can treat split ends with regular application of conditioner. You can buy hair conditioners from market according to your hair type. But these conditioners are very costly and also have chemicals in them. Otherwise you can easily prepare homemade hair conditioners.

Mayo Protein Conditioner

1/2 cup approx. of Mayonnaise
1 beaten egg
1/4 cup approx. of honey cinnamon
4 drops of peppermint oil

Mix it all in a bowl. Apply on hair and scalp and leave it on for about an hour. Rinse with cool water, shampoo or co-wash, then do a diluted vinegar rinse

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