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How to apply Lip Gloss

When you learn how to apply lip gloss using all the tricks the pros do, you can really have some fun! You can apply it alone or together with a lipstick, with or without a lip liner it's all up to you.
Lip gloss usually comes in soft colors so everyone can apply it without looking too "made up". But, there are brands that have a lot of pigment and the colors are bright and bold.

Some lip gloss lines have an added ingredient that will plump up your lips. These are called Lip Gloss Plumpers and are an option for those that need the added help. Be careful with these. There are healthy versions as well as harmful chemical filled brands, so read your labels and watch out.

Here are some tips you can use when you apply your lip gloss!

1. If you have thin lips - Try adding lip gloss alone or over the top of your lipstick. This highlights or 'pops' out your lip and gives it the appearance of being larger. A great trick to fool the eye.

2. For a "pop out" lip - Another fun trick is applying lip gloss at the very center of your bottom lip. You can do the same thing to your top lip if you have small lips. You can do this over the top of your lipstick or lip liner. It gives a chiseled, perfectly shaded lip from outer corner to inner highlight.

3. Hide chapped lips - Lip gloss is a great flaw hider for those who have chapped lips. It gives the appearance of wet, moist lips and hides those dry chapped flakes.

If you're constantly burdened with dry lips, try taking a piece of masking tape and apply it over the top of your lips and 'gently' pull. Do this over and over removing all the dead skin cells. You can use a soft tooth brush and brush your lips to remove the dead skin.
Try exfoliating your lips using a Facial Scrub or a really good Face Masque.

4. Diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area - Wear lip gloss instead of lipstick or...Add lipstick over the top of your gloss to trick the eye and hide those fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area.

5. Carry an extra lip gloss for touch ups- Lip gloss isn't meant to stay on all day long. Brands that do usually have harmful ingredients (like lead and such) so read your labels and be careful. Gloss is meant to come off when you eat, drink and lick your lips. So, find a brand that is healthy since you WILL be ingesting it.

Steps To Applying Lip Gloss

Follow these steps every time you apply your lip gloss - Choose your favorite lipstick and lip liner color

If you want to use a lip liner - Apply the lip liner to the outer border of your lips. Start with the top lip at the arch and stroke out and down on one side, then do the same for the other side. Then, follow those steps with the bottom lip. A good rule of thumb is to match the liner to the natural color of your lips

If you want to use a lipstick under your lip gloss - Apply lipstick the same way as the liner using a lip brush and fill in the lips.

Apply your lip gloss to your lips right from the tube or use a Lip Brush for perfect application.

If you wish to give your current lip stick color a mood lift, it is a great idea to slide some yummy lip gloss over your applied lip stick. I love the look of just a bit of gloss over a neutral lipstick. Again, dab just a bit in the center of lips and smooth out from there. This method of smoothing out the lip gloss from the center will help you from applying too the lip gloss on too thickly.

If you've accidentally applied a little too much gloss, all you have to do is to just smack your lips between a tissue paper, just like you would lipstick! There you go, all is good to go again!

Using Lip Gloss

For a natural look, use a neutral lip liner and then fill in the lips with pink or peach lip gloss. The lips will be shiny and attractive without distracting from other features.

To plump up the lips, apply the lip liner followed by the lipstick and then use a brush to apply the lip gloss in the centre of the lower lip. Smack the lips together for an even application. If the shimmer is too much for the occasion, dust the lips with a little powder.

Choose the lip gloss color depending on your skin tone, often referred to as temperatures such as warm or cool. Golds and reds look better with light coloring; pinks and raspberries look good with dark skin and hair. You must, however, experiment with other colors too.

Homemade LipGloss e-book

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