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Cosmetic Mascara

Cosmetic mascara is used to make the eyelashes look thicker and darker. It is available in neutral shades such as black, dark brown, and dark gray and it is also available in navy, blue, clear and a host of other fad colors.

Using Clump less Cosmetic Mascara

Sometimes the wax in the mascara crystallizes and clumps up which keeps it from going on smoothly. To avoid the clumps during application, use a thin short wand to get into the corner lashes and always wipe the wand lightly with a tissue before you apply it. You may apply more than one coat if you want but always allow the first coat to dry before applying the second.

You can also apply it on the bottom lashes or not depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. Always take it into the inner corners of the top lashes.

1. Hold a magnifying mirror slightly above your face and position the mascara wand vertically straight in front of you. Lightly stroke down the bottom lashes, moving from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Wipe off any excess on a tissue.

2. Lift your chin while looking down, then, starting in the middle of the upper eyelash, apply cosmetic mascara in upward parallel strokes through your top lashes from below the upper lashes combing them upwards, and working your way out to the edges.

3. Apply a couple coats to the edges. Try blinking on the brush.

4. Look slightly down into the mirror; brush the wand from the root to the end of the uppermost top lashes. Then work diagonally from beneath and, after that, with a straight movement.

5. Use an eyelash comb or a second wand to brush through stuck eyelashes or clumps of cosmetic mascara.

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